Questions & Answers

1. What is a good age to start guitar lessons ?

Students aged 9 and over usually have more focus and commitment.

2. Can anyone learn to play the guitar ?

Yes, as long as they have the enthusiasm and will to learn.

3. How long will it take to learn to play the guitar ?

1 year to reach a beginners to intermediate level.
2 years to reach an intermediate to advanced level.
and 3 years plus to reach an advanced level.

4. What guitar should I buy ?

I can offer advice if needed.

5. Do I need to be able to read music ?

No. You can learn to play guitar without having to read music.

6. How often do I need to practice ?

Little and often can have good results, but at least an hour
each week is needed if you wish to make progress.

During the week parents should be prepared to put aside
some structured time in order to help juniors keep up with their practice.

7. Do you teach during the summer ?

Yes, apart from the obvious 2 or 3 weeks students vacation time,
I prefer to keep the lessons going for everyone's benefit.
I will normally take the Christmas & New Year period off
and for the rest of the year the lesson rota will adapt to
fit in with the other school & bank holiday periods.

8 . Do I need to buy any books ?

No. I will supply you with all the songs, chords and
theory that you learn in each lesson.