Lesson Info

My tuition is all about learning how to play
current & popular music on guitar.

Anyone wishing to learn should not feel anxious about being a beginner.
A few simple steps will have you playing the guitar in no time.
All you have to do is practice and enjoy.

Subjects to start you on your way include:

Tuning the guitar.
Playing open chords.
Reading guitar tablature.
Playing beginner songs and melodies.

This part can be offered as a 6 months beginners course
with the opportunity to move up to an intermediate level.

For intermediate students subjects include:

How to play along with songs & backing tracks.

Basic music theory.
How to play acoustic finger style.

For advanced students the following subjects are available
but are not compulsory:

Advanced finger picking styles.
Rock, blues, folk, soul & country playing.
Lead guitar improvisation.

My lessons are tailored to each individual student so you
can be sure of professional personal tuition for all ages.

Students or parents will also need access to a printer and the internet.

Students online will be able to view their own lesson material,
check the date of their next lesson and also access bonus material.


My lessons and students are taught either
in person at Prestwick or remotely via
*Skype, *Facetime & *Google Meet.

The duration of each lesson is a substantial 30 or 45 minute slot

Guitar Lessons are available weekly, fortnightly or on a pay as you go basis.

Current prices

The introductory lesson is "free of charge".

Costs are then paid weekly, fortnightly or pay as you go in advance.

"30 min lesson" ( Only available online )

"45 min lesson" = ( In person or online)

Please contact me for a price quote.